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The Journey Continues

2009-07-22 09:26:08 by Kaibaruto

And so my feeble attempts at becoming an artist trudge slowly and pitifully along, this time dragging Goku along with them.

My second attempt to render a character was a lot improved from the first, but still pretty shabby. I focused more on shading and getting the detail as accurate as possible. The image isn't exactly original, I just drew from a well known picture of him. When my skills improve, my originality will follow suit.

I can see improvements in my work already, and as I am working on it everyday; I'm sure they will keep coming. So here it is, my drawing of Goku: Enjoy!

P.S Keep the advice coming guys.

The Journey Continues

First Piece Of Art

2009-07-10 19:46:28 by Kaibaruto

I recently set myself the monumental task of becoming a "good" artist, this seemingly impossible journey has kicked off and made a start.

That start however is not a great one.

My first piece is a depiction of Super smash bros. character "Meta-Knight". Being one of my favourite characters in Brawl, I decided I would show my appreciation to his awesomeness by drawing and colouring him in Photoshop. WOW! What a mistake that was. My attempt at saluting one of my more favouritable became more of an insult if anything. I'm sure if Meta Knight were here today (and non-fictional) he would cut me down quicker than you could say "Kirby's Fun Pak". After I had done dishonouring Meta Knight's grandure I hung my head in shame. Sitting back on my chair I asked my self "What have I done?".

So here to offend all Meta knight fans, my horrid work of art. I call it "Sweet Jesus and holy lord this sucks so hard, why on earth did I do this, and why was I born"

To all the artists out there viewing this page and that abhorent drawing, please offer me help. I truly want to become a good artist and am willing to take on advice an criticism (in abundance) to get there. I am still young, and have a lot of time of my hands to achieve my goal.

So try not to rip out your hair and go into the next room and punch the next person you see as a result of this crappy drawing. I leave you with the offending article itself. REMEMBER: If you feel you are a good artist please drop a comment with some advice and what not.


P.S I have no clue what to do for a background, any suggestions?

First Piece Of Art


2009-07-08 10:17:43 by Kaibaruto

For many years I have browsed the internet looking at art work done by very talented individuals. Sites such as and now newgrounds have been a haven for art bumming people like me. I recently purchased a graphics tablet and have made the decision to become an artist; yep that's right, an artist. My drawing skills are pretty shocking at the moment, and I'm not the most talented of people; but I want to show myself (and others) that with hard work and unrelenting resolve, one can make himself into a 'good' artist.

My inspiration for this has come from an unlikely source; ROCK LEE, the naruto character with the heart and will to accomplish anything. Like myself he is not the most talented individual, but through hard graft and the will to never give up, he reaches heights thought to unreachable from someone of his calibre.

Over the next few months and years I will keep practicising drawing, shading, colouring and all the other fancy things you can do on computers these days. As thousands of tutorials whizz past my eyes and into my brain, my art-knowledge should increase steadily. Any artists who are reading this piece of irrelevant information, please please please help me! Any tips, guides or pointers you can offer would be brilliant. I have seen some absolutely stunning art work on this site and would like to hear from people who know about art and feel as though they have something to offer. I'm counting on you

To keep a log on my process, I will be using my page on here to keep a diary and post pictures so I can keep an eye on my progress. Wish me luck!

Graphics Tablet

2009-07-02 19:48:03 by Kaibaruto

Finally I manned up enough to buy myself a graphics tablet. A severe drain on funds, but worth it nonetheless. It works like a dream, art work on the computer never seemed so fluent and awe-inspiring.

Work should begin immediately on the new flash production thanks to its arrival, no more excuses now. After a lengthy liase with my co-producer (Sitting in my living room eating pizza and watching 'house') we decided to step things up and aim for a november finish date. Although we may end up regretting it, it seemed like a good idea.

One last thing of extreme importance and significance before this message ends:


Thank you

The Kai

Flash Fever '09

2009-06-21 22:12:48 by Kaibaruto

"Deciding he was bored with just watching other people's flash movies, the Kai decided he would take the initiative and create a flash project of his own."

So yeah, with the help of my co-writer I am currently in the process of conceiving an idea and writing a script for it. My flash skills are pretty suspect so I've turned to a dear friend of mine who knows the score to bring the idea to life. There is no doubt it will take a lot more time than I would like, but that's just the way it goes (being a lazy teenager) so it probably wont surface until late this year.

As this is my first one, any advice from vets of flash would be greatly appreciated. Drop a reply with your advice or comments if you think you have something worth sharing with me, no silly shit.

I'm taking my time on this; I don't want to submit a stupid half-arsed effort that no one pays any mind to and is a pile of shit.

Wish me luck, you beautiful people.

The Kai

New Flash

2009-06-10 17:46:09 by Kaibaruto

New flash cartoon in the works, due for completion late December; keep an eye out!