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Entry #6

The Journey Continues

2009-07-22 09:26:08 by Kaibaruto

And so my feeble attempts at becoming an artist trudge slowly and pitifully along, this time dragging Goku along with them.

My second attempt to render a character was a lot improved from the first, but still pretty shabby. I focused more on shading and getting the detail as accurate as possible. The image isn't exactly original, I just drew from a well known picture of him. When my skills improve, my originality will follow suit.

I can see improvements in my work already, and as I am working on it everyday; I'm sure they will keep coming. So here it is, my drawing of Goku: Enjoy!

P.S Keep the advice coming guys.

The Journey Continues


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2009-07-22 20:15:55

That's fucking awesome dude, I now check your profile nearly every day to see what wonders you have created.

This picture almost seems like its just been copied and pasted off Google, its that good. your inspiring talent is a constant reminder to do some work and put some effort in my otherwise dreary day.

Thank you

Kaibaruto responds:

Oh wow, thanks man


2009-07-22 20:26:02

Very nice my friend you should be proud of this because it looks like an original made by .... its very nice and i like it. :):):):):):):):):)

Kaibaruto responds:

Cheers buddy


2009-07-23 10:51:41

For a second attempt, that is pretty damn good, and better than what I can do with human characters.
Keep up the good work.

Kaibaruto responds:

Oh wow thanks a bunch.


2009-07-24 21:24:48

This is great, Kai! That's a lot of improvement in a short amount of time! The proportions of everything looks nice, and spacing is pretty dead-on. I also remember drawing DBZ characters back in the day ^^;; Keep it up!

Kaibaruto responds:

Thank you so much. I really am spending a lot of time trying to improve my art, even to the point of rejecting my social life! (Saddo)


2011-01-02 01:01:33

Wow, dude, your really good.