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Graphics Tablet

2009-07-02 19:48:03 by Kaibaruto

Finally I manned up enough to buy myself a graphics tablet. A severe drain on funds, but worth it nonetheless. It works like a dream, art work on the computer never seemed so fluent and awe-inspiring.

Work should begin immediately on the new flash production thanks to its arrival, no more excuses now. After a lengthy liase with my co-producer (Sitting in my living room eating pizza and watching 'house') we decided to step things up and aim for a november finish date. Although we may end up regretting it, it seemed like a good idea.

One last thing of extreme importance and significance before this message ends:


Thank you

The Kai


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2009-07-02 19:57:05

I have to do that soon.


2009-07-03 14:12:54

Looks like you're becoming quite an inspiration to me. I may well join the flash making group i have some ideas im throwing around and i look forward to your work.