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First Piece Of Art

2009-07-10 19:46:28 by Kaibaruto

I recently set myself the monumental task of becoming a "good" artist, this seemingly impossible journey has kicked off and made a start.

That start however is not a great one.

My first piece is a depiction of Super smash bros. character "Meta-Knight". Being one of my favourite characters in Brawl, I decided I would show my appreciation to his awesomeness by drawing and colouring him in Photoshop. WOW! What a mistake that was. My attempt at saluting one of my more favouritable became more of an insult if anything. I'm sure if Meta Knight were here today (and non-fictional) he would cut me down quicker than you could say "Kirby's Fun Pak". After I had done dishonouring Meta Knight's grandure I hung my head in shame. Sitting back on my chair I asked my self "What have I done?".

So here to offend all Meta knight fans, my horrid work of art. I call it "Sweet Jesus and holy lord this sucks so hard, why on earth did I do this, and why was I born"

To all the artists out there viewing this page and that abhorent drawing, please offer me help. I truly want to become a good artist and am willing to take on advice an criticism (in abundance) to get there. I am still young, and have a lot of time of my hands to achieve my goal.

So try not to rip out your hair and go into the next room and punch the next person you see as a result of this crappy drawing. I leave you with the offending article itself. REMEMBER: If you feel you are a good artist please drop a comment with some advice and what not.


P.S I have no clue what to do for a background, any suggestions?

First Piece Of Art


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2009-07-10 19:48:11

its not horrible

Kaibaruto responds:

Oh well that's very nice of you to say. Looking at others work though would lead me to believe that this sucks balls big time.


2009-07-11 18:40:52

Dude you got to stop lessening the quality of the this work, first off its awesome, meta-knight also happens to be my favourite character from brawl and its nice to see some quality art from someone. if this is your first piece of art then you should be extremely happy with it. although im not an artist myself i can appreciate some good stuff, maybe you can help draw some things for my up-coming flash movie, im not used to working with other people but i can make an exception for a talented guy like you.

Fucking awesome sword by the way, just needs a background


2009-07-14 21:07:21

Kaibaruto, you're passion for art will take you far. I wish I had your enthusiasm - as an artist, I too have battled with the feelings of not being good enough. Its a shame that I am still so self-conscious of my art, haha. I will tell you this - no matter what other people might think, the only thing that really matters is your own feelings towards the art you make. You're off to a great start, Kai, I remember drawing Sonic when I was younger ^^; Perhaps you could do some sort of forest for the background? And try adding some more highlights/shadows to give Meta Knight more dimension :3

Kaibaruto responds:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice and positive comments. This is one of those things that I know I will continue to push for; I really have a major passion for art. Coming from such an amazingly talented artist as yourself, those words mean a lot. Thank you


2009-07-15 14:08:21

A few questions:
What program are you using to draw, and do you still use a mouse?

Suggestion for background:
Medieval fortress wall/tower.

Kaibaruto responds:

A) Photoshop
B) I recently bought a graphics tablet (although you wouldn't know it)

Suggestions: Great idea, I'll try to improve/Redo him and then try that out.

Thanks a lot for the advice and comments, I really do appreciate them.


2009-07-15 16:05:52

It's a pretty good start. (you're already better than around 60-70% out there)

Looking at the general look and shading, but the shoulder pads in particular, it seems you're already working on it, but you still need to work more on your 3D perception.
You're still thinking too much in flat surfaces, so you should work more on thinking in shapes.
Work on that a bit more, and you'll do great.

Kaibaruto responds:

YES SIR! I will work on that as much as my eyes will permit to stare at the screen. The advice of an artist of your calibre means loads to a humble artist wannabe like myself; thank you.