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Flash Fever '09

2009-06-21 22:12:48 by Kaibaruto

"Deciding he was bored with just watching other people's flash movies, the Kai decided he would take the initiative and create a flash project of his own."

So yeah, with the help of my co-writer I am currently in the process of conceiving an idea and writing a script for it. My flash skills are pretty suspect so I've turned to a dear friend of mine who knows the score to bring the idea to life. There is no doubt it will take a lot more time than I would like, but that's just the way it goes (being a lazy teenager) so it probably wont surface until late this year.

As this is my first one, any advice from vets of flash would be greatly appreciated. Drop a reply with your advice or comments if you think you have something worth sharing with me, no silly shit.

I'm taking my time on this; I don't want to submit a stupid half-arsed effort that no one pays any mind to and is a pile of shit.

Wish me luck, you beautiful people.

The Kai


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2009-06-24 14:44:31

Dude you gotta mae a flash

but it takes work and maybe three people
the flash expert
and a guy with a idea

i look forward to seeing the resluts


2009-06-24 15:22:57

here is the link to find out how to flash the world up

good luck.